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Speaking Socially Metal Print

I was offered a spot on the wall at Speaking Socially. The only catch was that the image had to have a metal theme (if you visit the office, you'll understand--the entire place has a metal/concrete/industrial theme.)

I tried shooting metal things around town, but just wasn't inspired by any of them. I realized I needed to put a person in them. So with the help of a buddy of mine and his daughter, we created a metal-themed portrait.


I had so much fun creating that shot, that I worked with another friend and her daughter to do another metal-themed portrait.


The background is just a sheet of corrugated sheet metal from Home Depot, and the shots are lit with a basic LED panel with translucent blue wrapping paper from Michael's.

Metal-themed portrait printed on metal by BayPhoto

Metal-themed portrait printed on metal by BayPhoto

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